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Thick copper PCB coil board

PCB coil board made by thick copper technology has the advantages of compact structure, high conductivity and large width-to-thickness ratio. The maximum copper thickness of a common copper clad laminate is 3Oz, but the copper thickness of a PCB coil plate manufactured by using our thick copper technology can reach 12Oz on one side, which greatly improves the cross-sectional area of copper and enhances the current carrying performance. And our company has applied for the patent of the thick copper PCB coil board manufacturing technology.

Application number: CN200910086868.7

Content: The invention relates to a method for producing a coil plate, which directly punches a metal plate provided with positioning holes according to the shape required by production to form the coil, each coil plate is punched with a plurality of flat-plate primary coils and/or secondary coils, magnetic core holes are arranged in the primary and secondary coils, and the initial end connector and the end connector of the primary and secondary coils are connected with the metal plate. The invention also includes a coil board produced by the above-mentioned method and a production method for producing a multilayer board transformer by using the coil board. The production method in the invention has the advantages of high production efficiency and lower transformer cost, and the produced multilayer board transformer has the advantages of compact structure, high conducting efficiency and a high width-to-thickness ratio.



Coated rectangular coil

Our company has applied for a patent on the application of film-coated flat coils in transformers and inductors. The coil has good withstand voltage performance and AC withstand voltage can reach 3000V. Salt spray resistance is good, and it can be well adapted to outdoor exposed working environment and relatively harsh working environment such as electric vehicles. The current carrying capacity is strong. The unique coil winding method designed by our company can well increase the effective cross-sectional area of the coil, thus improving the current carrying capacity of the coil. High power density. Good heat dissipation and low temperature rise. It can adapt to high power. Our company has many unique winding methods for coated rectangular coils, which can meet the requirements of many different working conditions, and can be designed and used according to the working frequency and current carrying requirements.

Application number: CN201320026524.9

Content: The utility model discloses a flat coil, a transformer and an inductor with the coil, wherein the flat coil is formed by winding a flat polyimide film envelope along a plane direction. The conductor of the flat coil adopting the utility model is a flat polyimide film envelope, which has the advantages of small volume, high power density, good heat dissipation, low temperature rise. The withstand voltage of the transformer and the inductor with the flat polyimide film envelope coil is above 3000VDC, and is featured by good consistency, high automation degree, convenient product assembly and high productivity, thus effectively reducing the cost.



Coil structure integrated with super copper



From a numerical point of view, the copper consumption of transformers using superconductors has decreased by about 12.74% compared to that of transformers using ordinary copper


As can be seen from the distribution in the figure, iron consumption has decreased by 7%

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