Company Profile

Techseed Team

Beijing Tech Seed Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development and manufacturing company specialized in providing core electronic components for new electronic products. It mainly provides the design, technology and production of planar transformers and can provide key component products for every link of power conversion.

Research and Development

The company has one authorized invention patent, one utility model, many applications of invention patent and utility models. With professional developers, the company can provide customers with correct and efficient planar transformer and inductor solutions, and keep customers' design at the forefront of the industry.


Product Scope

In the fields of communication power supply, aerospace, power electronics and new energy vehicles, we have mature and leading component solutions, which can effectively reduce the time for engineers to select components and shorten the product development cycle, thus helping customers reach the final product design goals.

Production Capacity

We have a production base in Xintai, Shandong, with relatively advanced production equipment, many production lines, multi-head full-automatic winding machines, CNC winding machines, automatic tape wrapping machines, vacuum impregnation machines, automatic soldering machines, laser marking machines and other professional equipment. It has high precision detection equipment such as turn-to-turn withstand voltage detector, comprehensive tester and automatic test systems for transformers.




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